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Remo | Product Manager |Remo.co | Remote-First (Worldwide) | Full Time

Loom video of my pitch to you to join!

Remo is a world leading virtual event platform I started 2 years ago that facilitates meaningful connections in this new virtual world that we’re living in. We are a remote-first company from all corners of the world coming together to build an amazing product. We’re a profitable start-up that has seen huge growth (zero to eight figures annual revenue in 12 months).

I’m looking for our first Product Manager to come on board to drive innovation of our primary product.

You can find the full job description here: https://remo1.freshteam.com/jobs/D-Iu_QtKSaXy/product-manage
Feel free to apply or email my recruiter directly at timothy@remo.co

Hoyin, CEO of Remo