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12 Ad Copy Strategies That’ll Double Your CTR and Increase Your ROI

Most ads are a waste of money.

If you’re using paid advertising as part of your marketing campaign, you need to be creative and strategic. Only then can you expect a great ROI in the form of brand awareness, leads, and potential customers for your business.

I’ve compiled a list of 12 ad copywriting strategies for Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to help you improve your ad campaign performance and drive your brand forward.

Ready to craft magnetic copy for your ads?

Google Ads Copy Strategies

Google Ads can be incredibly lucrative for your business. Spending $1 can earn you an average of $2 in revenue.

google ad copy strategies ROI

However, if you communicate your offer accurately, you can expect a higher ROI.

For example, you’re more likely to convert a searcher into a potential customer if they see their searched query in your online ad or banner ad. Look at the example below.

Google ad copy strategies example.

Note: There’s a caveat to including the searched keyword in your copy that you’ll see in strategy 2.

Here are three more specific ad copy strategies to drive ROI.

1. Scan Your Competitor’s Ad Copy With Spyfu

Do you know your actual competitors?

They might not be companies that sell the same products as you (in the physical space).

For example, you might be a high-end shoe company, but your PPC competition might be discount websites. If you keep tabs on what your competition is up to, then you can acquire leads and potential customers more quickly.

Try to outdo their persuasion – whether they’re focusing on price or are using a testimonial from an industry influencer.

Spyfu is a great tool for discovering the most profitable keywords for the search engines and ads of your competitors.

Using the tool for your marketing plan and business goals is simple:

Enter your target keyword and scroll to the bottom. Here are the ads for the term ‘keyword research.’

spyfu google ad copy example

You can also go to the tool’s homepage and enter your competitor’s website directly.

This provides a list of paid and organic keywords that your competitor is using.

Google ad copy research for competitors SpyFu

By clicking on the paid keywords tab, you’ll get the CPC and keywords your competitor is bidding for.

Google ad copy research cost per click.

You can quickly scan the copy with the keywords that are a good fit for your business.

2. Obsessively Test Headlines: They’ll Make or Break Your Ad

If you just copy your competitors, you’ll get lost in the noise of the search engines. You need to get stand out, which means you need compelling copy.

Look at the many search results using the term ‘mobile application developer’ in the screenshot below. Not such a creative strategy, right?

google ad copy strategies example

Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) in your headline will help make your ad campaign more relevant to many search queries.

It’s more important, though, to make your advertising strategy and your copy unique and compelling. To make your headline stand out, you can include your value proposition in the headline as an interesting marketing tactic.

google ad strategies

Always research your buyer’s intent.

If your customers are looking for solutions to get rid of acne, then “Dealing with Acne?” is an ineffective headline that won’t encourage a high CTR or meet your marketing objectives.

google ad copy strategies example

Now, look at the WeBuyCar.com ad below.

Its headline focuses on the searcher’s end goal – buying cars. Hence, it’s effective and will boost the business’s marketing campaign.

Google ad copy strategies example we buy cars

If you’re running out of fuel for adopting a creative strategy, fall back to the evergreen copywriting foundation – focus on your product’s benefit for the customer.

Look at how the Fiji Travel ad below focuses on potential customers.

Google Ad Copy strategies honeymoon examlpe

Next, try to use the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ in your advertising strategy. They’re the bread and butter, when talking about potential customer benefits and these two words can significantly enhance your ad’s performance.

The Americommerce ad below talks about being the “Best eCommerce Solution.”

Who cares?

Google ad copy strategies

Volusion and Shopify do a great job talking about the convenience and benefits for their customers. This is a great marketing tactic and will get them noticed on the search engines.

Finally, I would recommend staying away from making false promises. Back up your claims with data and testimonials on your landing page/ad copy/ and social media adverts.

Otherwise, you’ll end up damaging your brand image, opening yourself to litigation, and losing prospects. Instead, focus on what you know you can deliver.

ad copy strategies example don't make false promises

The ‘free invoicing software’ ad above leads to a landing page, only to show that the software has a 30-day free trial.

ad copy strategies example don't make false promises

Which is huge turn-off for potential customers.

3. Don’t Use Industry Jargon and Backup Your Claims

To increase your credibility and improve your quality score, share real data and numbers. This establishes trust.

Who has given you the ‘No. 1’ website in your industry tag?

Ad Copy strategies fishing tackle

Stay away from making hollow claims. Rather, include data and statistics to prove your worth.

Ad COpy stratgies translation services

MECLABS tested their generic ad against a data driven and useful one.

google ad copy strategies example don't make false claims

The result was an 88 percent increase in their click-through rate.

google ad copy strategies example don't make false claims

Test specific numbers (like 1542) in your ad campaign copy, to make them more authoritative and persuasive.

Google ads get stale quickly, resulting in a decrease in click-through rates. Use updated data to remain current on the search engines and come up with a convincing new copy strategy regularly.

For example, look at the tax accounting firm ads below.

google ad copy strategies tax prep example

The numeric ad (with current figures) saw a whopping 217 percent increase in CTR, as well as a 23 percent improvement in conversion rates, over the control.

Facebook Ad Copy Strategies to Try

As the leading social media site, Facebook is worth the effort. With a little bit of effort, you can reach more than 2.8 billion users.

To be successful, however, your ad will need to stand out.

Here are copy strategy and writing techniques you can use to craft seductive copy to boost your marketing campaign.

1. Include Social Proof in Your Ad Copy

Social proof is an old-school technique to earn credibility and influence potential customers to take action.

Brands use numbers of customers, testimonials from an influencer, or opinions of other customers as proof of their product’s effectiveness. Consumers are more likely to trust other consumers; it’s why many people turn to social networks and their peers for product recommendations. 

Record label RCA Victor used the strategy to get more sales on the ninth album by Elvis Presley. They titled it “50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong”.

ad copy strategies elvis social proof example

On Facebook, we found ads with user-generated content have a 300 percent higher CTR and a 50 percent lower cost per acquisition (CPA).

Here’s three examples of integrating social proof into your ad campaigns.

Share links to major media mentions in your ad and pull a relevant quote from the article. Look at how Equil Smartpen does this in the ad below and think about how you can apply it to your own content strategy.

facebook ad copy strategies social proof example

Or, you can use your site reviews to retarget someone who clicked on your website once.

facebook ad copy strategies social proof example

Or, include numbers in your ad campaign to show your impressive customer base, like Ecwid does.

facebook ad copy strategies social proof example

2. Communicate Value While Keeping Your Target Audience in Mind

On Facebook, you can’t expect a user to applaud a clever copy strategy. Because users scroll quickly, your ad should immediately communicate what they’ll get by clicking. Be simple and direct in your headline.

Take a look at the AppSumo ad campaign below. It clearly communicates you get a free business cheat sheet to help you create a lifestyle business in 24 hours. It’s direct, to the point, and it isn’t one bit confusing.

This direct marketing tactic may not win an award for creative media marketing  – but it gets the job done. 

facebook ad copy strategies offer value

Here’s another ad campaign, by Anne Samoilov, that directly offers her solution (that her prospects might be after) behind a CTA.

facebook ad copy strategies Anne Samoilov example

You might need to change your ad copy strategy and image, based on your target demographic. Look how differently Arlington Club targets young and old folks.

facebook ad copy strategies facebook ad examles.

You may also need to adjust your tone of voice, to appeal to your target audience.

facebook ad copy strategies test tone

3. Ask Questions and Use Emotions to Engage Your Audience

Questions are a powerful instrument to stop the user and make them think.

For example – anyone suffering from low website conversions is likely to stop scrolling through the search engines or social network sites at the Qualaroo ad below.

facebook ad copy strategies ask questions example

Appealing to your customers’ emotions will help them like you. Put yourself in their shoes and think of their fears, objections, and motivations. You can also present your product as a solution to their problems.

facebook ad copy strategies ask questions example

Besides the above three strategies, I also want to share the official cheat sheet by Facebook for crafting effective ad copy.

facebook ad copy strategies copy cheat sheet

Twitter Ad Copy Strategies

The microblogging platform has 300,000+ active advertisers. Here are three copywriting strategies by Twitter experts, based on an analysis of 9,000 website click or conversion campaigns.

1. Don’t Stuff Your Twitter Ads With Hashtags

Adrian reported a 23,810 percent increase in his tweet’s reach by adding only one hashtag in his marketing campaign.

twitter ad copy strategies example

His hypothesis for such a tremendous rise in impressions is that he’s helping Twitter’s search algorithm to understand the nature of the tweet with the ‘#’.

That might motivate you to multiply your hashtag usage. But, the engagement actually falls by 17 percent beyond two hashtags.

twitter ad copy strategies hashtag stats

In Twitter’s analysis, promoted tweets with hashtags saw a 24 percent higher CPA (cost-per-acquisition) and a three percent lower LCR (link click rate).

Why? It’s likely because hashtags draw attention and become another avenue for the user to click in your ad (besides your CTA).

Like a high-converting landing page, your Twitter ad should ideally have a single place to click.

Twitter ad strategies use single CTA

So, you might want to avoid using hashtags in your promoted tweet.

twitter ad strategies avoid hashtags examle

2. Be Succinct

You get only 280 characters to communicate your message on Twitter. So you’ll want to be concise/

With promoted tweets, pay extra attention to ensure you focus on the most important information. 40-60 character tweets get a much lower CPA than longer ones.

twitter ad copy strategies be concise example tim ferriss

If you can’t keep it short, use questions to engage your audience. Tweets with a question have nine percent lower CPLC (cost-per-link-click) and a 16 percent higher LCR.

udemy example twitter ad copy strategy

3. Create Urgency and Freshness Using These Words

Urgency is a psychology-based marketing tactic used to compel your customers to take action. OnePlus built a strong desire for its mobile phone using this ad strategy.

ad strategy example oneplus

Similarly, on Twitter, using words like “hurry”, “fast”, “now” or “limited time” lowers CPA and increase LCR by 10 percent each.

Twitter ad copy strategies hype for type example

Are you announcing sales on new products or services?

Then, use the word ‘new’ in your Tweet copy. It lowers your CPA by 10 percent and CPLC by 26 percent.

twitter ad copy strategies opsgility

LinkedIn Ad Copy Strategies

This is a social media hangout for businesses and professionals. It’s the most effective social media platform for generating leads for B2B businesses.

linkedin ad copy strategies why linkedin

Here are three effective copywriting and digital marketing strategies to help you drive more customers from LinkedIn ads.

1. Address Pain Points (Brownie Points for Negative Superlatives)

Don’t forget that businesses are run by people.

If you can evoke emotions, you will win over your prospects. This works because human beings make decisions emotionally, not logically.

A great strategy for engaging your audience is to directly address their challenges. Also, negatives in your headline (like stop, avoid, never, or worst) can improve your CTR.

CommVault (data and information management software) nails its copy with a single line. The ad also presents five reasons why their audience might be facing the problem, thereby piquing interest.

linkedin ad copy strategies example

2. Precisely Target and Qualify Buyers

Knowing specific traits of your audience can help in tailoring your copy to pre-qualify them.

An example is the Bizible ad below. It gets a 600 percent ROI, because it qualifies their buyers in the first sentence.

The campaign cast a narrow net, targeting 2,000 LinkedIn users. That’s the level of targeting you should also aim for in your digital marketing strategy.

Linkedin ad copy strategies bizible

3. Include a Direct and Persuasive Call-to-Action

You can use a bunch of techniques to persuade your customers, but don’t assume they know the next step.

Instead, offer simple, clear, and direct instructions on what to do next.

Instruct your audience using words like ‘download’, ‘get started’ and sign up,’ in your ad copy.

Ad Copy strategies example hubspot linkedin

Ad Copy FAQs

What is ad copy?

Ad copy is a blurb designed to entice readers to purchase your products or services.

What is Facebook ad copy?

Facebook ad copy is the text that accompanies ads you run on Facebook. The text encourages those who view your ad to take a specific action.

What is the first step of creating great ad copy?

To create ad copy, the first thing you need to do is define the goal of the copy. Sell a product? Get someone to watch a video? Click to a landing page? Then create a clear, direct CTA.

What are the main types of advertising copy?

The main types of ad copy are human interest, educational, “reason why,” institutional, suggestive, and exploratory.

Ad Copy Strategies Conclusion

If you want to improve your ad’s performance on any network, testing your ad copy is a good starting point before hitting the search engines. Your message plays a pivotal role in ensuring that you attract high-quality traffic.

The 12 ad copy strategies I’ve shared in the article should help you craft seductive ad copy, persuade your customers and increase your ROI. 

Which advertising network do you find the most lucrative? Are there other copywriting strategies you’ve used to increase your ad CTR?

19 Advanced SEO Techniques to Double Your Search Traffic

Are you ready to double your search traffic?

Understanding SEO is crucial to significantly increase your traffic and brand awareness.

Right now, thousands of people are looking for content just like yours. You can help them find it by becoming an SEO expert.

In fact, 40 percent of website traffic begins with a search query. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important.

Staying on top of SEO takes a lot of research and experimentation. Google’s algorithms are constantly updated, so it’s important to stay tuned into the latest news. With a bit of practice, you can become your own SEO expert.

That’s what I did!

Every day, people use Google to conduct over 3.5 billion searches. In the U.S., 78% of people use the web to research products and services before buying.

Once your website begins to rank on the first pages of Google’s search results, you’ll get more visibility. This means more traffic, more conversions, and eventually, increased revenue.

Getting to page one of the search results is vital. 75% of users don’t even click past the first page!

19 advanced SEO tips to double search traffic stat

The first three organic search results get 60% of all traffic from a web search. Leads coming from a search have a 14.6% close rate, compared to just 1.7% from channels like print or direct mail advertising.

See why SEO is so important to your success?

Here are 19 advanced SEO techniques that you can implement right away to increase your search traffic. Getting more visitors should help you convert more people into customers too.

There’s more that goes into conversion optimization than just getting traffic, like making sure you have a clear lead capture form, a sales page, and descriptive product pages.

But you can’t sell to people who aren’t there, right?

So let’s get started!

Advanced SEO Tip 1. Complete An SEO Audit On Your Webiste

Auditing your website helps you figure out why you’re not getting enough search traffic and sales. Many SEO companies offer this service, but you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

In general terms, an audit is a systematic examination of an event, a concept, or financial books that is done in order to figure out where you stand and how to make smarter decisions in the future.

In the SEO world, auditing is a growth hacking technique that will help you attract and retain customers.

An SEO audit closely examines your overall site performance, creates goals based on what you find, and implements tactics to reach those goals. This process helps increase profits by making the best use of the content you already have and fixing any SEO issues.

This may not sound like an advanced SEO strategy, but you’d be surprised how many websites are missing basic on-page SEO like page titles or descriptions. It’s easy to overlook when creating your website, but easy to fix with an audit.

Here’s what you should be looking for during an audit:

Check #1: Do all your website’s pages have SEO meta titles and descriptions?

Check #2: Is each page on your website optimized for SEO keywords?

Remember, optimize appropriately without keyword stuffing!

Check #3: Is your URL structure optimized for search engines?

Your URLs should be simple, short, and easy for a search engine to tell what the page is about. Here’s an example:

21 Bing Ads Hacks That’ll Increase Clicks While Decreasing Spend

I bet you can guess that article is about 21 ways to improve your Bing ads!

But what if the URL looked like this instead?


Seems a bit complicated, right? A search engine would have a tough time determining the topic of that post since the keywords are broken up by folders and dates. It’s not very clear.

When it comes to URLs, simple is better.

advanced SEO techniques to double search traffic URL optimization infographic

Check #4. Is each page and blog post formatted properly?

By properly, I mean is each page:

  • Broken up with headings and subheadings (h1 and h2 tags)?
  • Using two to three sentences per paragraph?
  • Bolding or italicizing important points?
  • Optimized with a call to action?

43% of people skim blog posts instead of reading the whole thing. Make it easy for people to read!

Check #5: Do all your images have keywords in their ALT tags?

Check #6: Are you using links in your content?

This includes both internal links (to your own content) and external links (to other websites).

I cover linking in detail later in this article, but it’s very important for SEO as one of Google’s top three ranking factors.

Now if you want to save some time, there’s an easier way to do a site audit. Here’s how to use Ubersuggest to conduct a site audit and discover opportunities for improving your search traffic:

Step #1: Use Ubersuggest

Go to Ubersuggest. Enter your website URL into the box, and press Search.

advanced SEO techniques  how to do a site audit

Step #2: View SEO Analyzer

You’ll be taken to a results page. Click SEO Analyzer. It’ll take a few minutes to crawl your site, but the results are worth it, I promise.

Step #3: Review Your On-Page SEO Score

advanced SEO techniques  on page SEO score ubersuggest

This is your overall on-page SEO score for all pages scanned during the site audit. 0 is the lowest possible score and 100 is the highest. With a score of 84, my site is rated as “great.”

Step #4: Review the Health Check and Errors

advanced SEO techniques ubersuggest health check

There are four sections to review:

  • Health check – Overall health of the pages of your website
  • Critical errors – Issues that have the biggest impact on your SEO health
  • Warnings – Less impactful issues that still deserve your attention
  • Recommendations – Recommendations to consider, but don’t have much impact on your SEO health

Step #5: Check out Top SEO Issues

advanced SEO techniques top SEO Tips

This is the final section of the site audit, and it outlines the top on-page SEO issues. You can click on each line for more information.

For example, “21 pages with duplicate meta descriptions.” Unique and engaging meta descriptions are critical to boosting the click-through rate from the search results to your website.

When you perform a full website SEO audit, you’ll likely find at least a few errors or suggestions for improvement. No one’s perfect!

Ubersuggest is a great SEO tool to monitor the performance of your website and blog posts.

Advanced SEO Tip 2. Learn What Your Users Want

Google isn’t an advertising company. They’re a big data company.

Every tool, platform, and device that they design has one purpose: to get data from users and use it to build a stronger search engine.

Think of yourself as a big data company.

You need to focus on what your target customers want. When you understand what they want, you can develop content that draws them in.

When you listen to feedback from your target customer, it guides the content you create to attract more of them.

The opinions of your users count. The public determines whose idea, article, product, or concept gets shared or funded.

Think about Kickstarter. Most campaigns languish unnoticed for days until a few people donate some money. Then, other people follow.

advanced SEO techniques kickstarter example

So, how do you get relevant data about your users’ interests?

And how do you get feedback from your ideal customer if you’re just starting out and don’t have any real customers to ask?

There are several ways to find out:

  • Use social media platforms like Quora
  • See your most popular pages in Google Analytics
  • See what posts get the most shares
  • Listen to visitor comments on your blog posts

Let’s cover the first one: social media platforms.

Ask yourself, “Where do the people I want to attract hang out online, and what topics do they talk about?”

I personally like to use Quora.

It gives me an idea of what my target audience is talking about and I can learn from experts in the process. If I wanted to write a book or course, the things people ask on Quora would be useful sources for content ideas.

Here’s how to find out what people want using Quora:

Step #1: Go To Quora

You’ll need to sign up for an account, or sign in with Google or Facebook to get in.

advanced SEO techniques quora

Once you’re logged in, type in your primary keyword (e.g. blog traffic) and hit enter.

advanced SEO techniques quora

Step #2: See What Questions People Ask

If you know how to answer one of these questions, write a blog post about it.

You already know that people want to learn about that subject. If one person asked it on Quora, chances are there are hundreds of other people wondering the exact same thing.

advanced SEO techniques  use quora to find questions

Step #3: Get Ideas From Experts

Quora is a great place to learn new things. When it comes to advanced SEO, you can never know everything so I visit it frequently to learn from others.

advanced SEO techniques get ideas from quora

There are currently 16 different answers to this question. The above screenshot is just one of them, but you can imagine how much high-quality content you could create from this one answer alone.

Use these answers to form the outline for your next blog post.

How to Use Google Analytics to Find Out What Readers Want

You can also use Google Analytics to find out what your readers want.

Step #1: Login to Google Analytics. On the left-side menu, click on Behavior -> Site Content -> All Pages.

advanced SEO techniques  google analytics

Step #2: Look at what your most popular pages and posts are.

The total number of page views is important, but also take a look at the average time spent on the page (the higher the better!), the bounce rate, and the exit percentage.

Here are my top pages from May 14th to June 14th 2017:

advanced SEO techniques  google analytics

The average time spent on the page tells you if people actually took the time to read your full post, or just skimmed it.

Anything under a minute should be a sign that people are quickly skimming and not reading your article?

So if I see an average time of thirty seconds, I’ll know that people didn’t find my post that interesting to stick around for long.

The bounce rate tells you the percentage of people who landed on this page, but then left without visiting any other pages. It’s not an indicator of success or failure by itself, but ideally you want people to stick around and check out at least 2-3 pages.

The exit percentage tells you that for this page specifically, x % of users left your site after visiting this page. Like the bounce rate, it’s not an indicator of a problem by itself, but if your exit rate is 99%, well, that probably means users aren’t finding what they want to know on that page and don’t want to explore any further.

Another great way to find out what people want is to see how many times your content gets shared on social media.

BuzzSumo is a great tool for this. Just enter your website URL and hit Go.

advanced SEO techniques tool buzzsumo

It will give you a list of your most popular content, sorted by the highest share counts.

advanced SEO techniques  buzzsumo content ideas

This lets you know which articles people love enough to share. The most common reason people share content is when they think it will be useful to others.

With that being said, the total number of shares your post gets is a good way to tell if people find your content useful.

You want to know the easiest way to find out what your users think? Just read their comments on your posts.

When you answer real user questions with your content, your search traffic will improve dramatically.

Advanced SEO Tip 3. Create SEO Optimized Landing Pages

A well-designed landing page can improve your lead generation and sales. The more landing pages you create, the more gateways you open up for incoming search traffic.

Unfortunately, not many B2B companies fully grasp the importance of using specific landing pages to capture new users.

According to the SEO research firm, MarketingSherpa, 44% of clicks for B2B companies go to a homepage, not a landing page. Sure, the homepage is important, but a landing page is where you can initiate a strong relationship.

Here’s an example.

Copyblogger creates high-quality landing pages on popular topics. They go the extra mile with professional graphics and a clean, modern layout.

Then they drive traffic to the landing page through press releases, email marketing, and SEO optimization.

Here’s one of their landing pages about, well, landing pages.

advanced SEO techniques copyblogger landing page example

As you scroll down, you learn more about landing pages:

advanced SEO techniques landing page example

The key elements of a good landing page are:

  • No navigation (you want users to stay on the page!)
  • Useful, informative content
  • A call to action (to sign up for your product, service, download a lead magnet, or another type of action)

On Copyblogger’s page, they have useful content with links to relevant articles:

advanced SEO techniques copyblogger example useful content

And, a noticeable and clear call to action:

advanced SEO techniques call to action example

Do you think these landing pages have good SEO value?

Do people actually link to them and share them on social media?

Let’s find out.

Go to Ahrefs.com. Enter a landing page URL — let’s use http://www.copyblogger.com/copywriting-101/ — and click Search Links.

advanced SEO techniques tools ahrefs

As you can see from the screenshot above, this landing page has 799 trusted inbound links, over 1,000 tweets and 446 Facebook likes. This landing page is clearly doing its job of converting visitors into leads.

Landing pages can generate a lot of income.

Conversion Rate Experts made $1 million for Moz, using a single optimized landing page and a few emails.

advanced SEO techniques tools SEO moz

Businesses with 10-15 landing pages see 55% more conversions than those with less than 10 landing pages.

Businesses with over 40 landing pages have 500% more conversions!

Basecamp has a great landing page to sign up for a free trial of their product.

advanced SEO techniques base camp landing page example

It draws you in with a big, bold headline. It highlights the key points in a list for easy skimming. It also features a noticeable sign up form.

But good landing pages don’t always need to be just one page. Check out this example from Bills.com:

advanced SEO techniques bills landing page examle

It features an interactive way to draw visitors in. First, you select how much debt you have.

I’m going to pick $50,000.

The landing page then asks me a series of questions, which are the company’s pre-qualifying questions for new leads.

advanced SEO techniques bills.com example
advanced SEO techniques  bills.com landing page example

To see my results, I need to enter my contact information. Some visitors may not want to and abandon the landing page at this point, but those who really want to know if their debt relief program will help them will fill it out.

This is a very simple landing page that results in thousands of leads per month for Bills.com.

It’s a great example of how a simple design and interactive elements can easily come together to generate huge results.

Here’s how to make sure your landing page is SEO optimized.

Step 1: Use Long Tail Keywords

Find a long-tail keyword and use it throughout your landing page. For example, Copyblogger targets the keyword “SEO copywriting” on one of their landing pages.

advanced SEO techniques  copyblogger find longtail keywords

If you use Optimizepress or another landing page creator for WordPress, make sure that you add title tags, a meta tag description, and keywords.

Use the keywords naturally throughout your content to avoid getting penalized for keyword stuffing. Include your long-tail keyword in the headline, at least one subheading on the page, and a few times in your body content.

Step 2: Use Compelling Copy to Share Useful Information

Your landing page content has to be useful.

Write to persuade people to take the next step. Every SEO expert will tell you that the #1 goal of all compelling copy is to get you to read the next sentence.

Remember that the anatomy of a successful landing page begins with the headline. Your body content is also important and should include a testimonial or review from a customer to add trust and credibility.

advanced SEO techniques anatomy of a perfect landing page

Step 3: Use a Professional Design

You also want to make sure your landing page looks modern with a professional design.

Design is King,” says Derek Halpern. If your content is useful, but your design sucks, you’ll most likely fail.

Landing pages need strong copy, a persuasive video that’s emotionally appealing and testimonials from satisfied customers, which go a long way toward swaying new customers.

Step 4: Build Links

Finally, build links from your existing content to your new landing page.

There is no alternative to link building. Links are a huge ranking factor for Google and likely always will be.

Without quality links, your page will probably not rank very high in search, even if you have excellent copy or use every other SEO ranking factor out there. Since most users never look past the first page of search results, it’s important to rank as high as possible.

Advanced SEO Tip 4. Make Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

It’s more important than ever to make sure your website looks good and performs well on mobile devices. In fact, I’d say it needs to be more than mobile friendly — it needs to work really well on mobile.

Since Google went mobile first, they significantly boost organic search rankings for websites that work well on mobile devices.

Over 60% of daily searches are now performed on a mobile device.

When it comes to e-commerce, the numbers are even more surprising. Business Insider predicts that by 2020, 45% of all e-commerce (also called m-commerce) sales in the United States will be completed on a mobile device. That represents $284 billion in the US alone!

advanced SEO techniques  mobile share of ecommerce graph

All these statistics are pointing to one thing: you simply cannot afford to not have a mobile-friendly website anymore.

Making your site look good on mobile is no longer a luxury, it’s a standard.

How can you tell if your website is mobile-friendly or not? Check out the example below from Google.

advanced SEO techniques mobile friendly example

In the X example, the website looks just like it would on your desktop computer. The content doesn’t change size to fit a smaller screen better.

In the green checkmark example, see how the same content re-aligns itself to make better use of the small screen? It’s easier to read and scroll through. That’s what being mobile-friendly means.

If you use WordPress as a CMS for your website, you likely already have a mobile-friendly site. Pretty much all WordPress themes over the past few years are designed to be responsive, which is the design term for mobile-friendly.

According to Wikipedia, responsive design means:

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at allowing desktop webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the screen or web browser one is viewing with. In addition it’s important to understand that Responsive Web Design tasks include offering the same support to a variety of devices for a single website.

Still not sure if your website is mobile-friendly? Just check it out on your phone.

Here’s what my site looks like on desktop:

advanced SEO techniques desktop example of neil patel

And what it looks like on mobile:

advanced SEO techniques mobile page example

See the difference? The mobile site is optimized for my screen width and is easy to read.

If you want to be extra sure your website checks all the boxes for being mobile-friendly, use Google’s free Mobile Testing Tool.

Enter in your website URL and click Run Test.

advanced SEO techniques mobile testing tools

You’ll get a results page that lets you know if your site is mobile-friendly or not.

advanced SEO techniques mobile testing tool results page

If your site comes back being not mobile-friendly, it’s time to redesign!

You can likely make a few tweaks to your existing website design to improve its usability on mobile. But it may be faster and cheaper in the long run to get a totally new website. Think of it as a good opportunity to freshen up your brand at the same time.

Advanced SEO Tip 5. Grow Your Traffic With Infographics

Infographics are popular because they allow you to display complex information in an easy to understand way. Since 65% of people are visual learners, a graphic goes a lot further than just a text article.

Here’s a good infographic on infographics from NeoMam Studios:

advanced SEO techniques use infographics

I’ve been creating infographics for quite some time now and the results are impressive. At KISSmetrics, we generated 2,512,596 visitors and 41,000 backlinks within 2 years, using infographics.

Quality infographics can increase your website traffic by 193%. I did that in just one year.

Unfortunately, most people don’t pay attention to the “info” part. Instead, they focus on the graphics. Good design is important, but you need to have quality facts to back it up.

Studies show an infographic is 30x more likely to be read than a regular text article. On average, websites who publish infographics grow traffic 12% faster than those who don’t.

Why do search users and consumers prefer infographics?

It’s because the human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than plain text. Also, 90% of information transmitted to the human brain is visual.

advanced SEO techniques visual processing

You could generate up to 60,000 search visitors to your website with infographics!

Here’s how:

Step #1: Get Your Stats

Find a trending topic or idea that people are searching for and put together some statistics on it.

For example, if you wanted to make an infographic about infographics, you could take the few stats we listed above:

  • You could generate up to 60,000 visitors
  • Your traffic could grow 12% faster
  • An infographic is 30x more likely to be read

Step #2: Create the Infographic

There are plenty of free websites you can create infographics with, like visual.ly, Canva, and Venngage.

Don’t want to create it yourself? You can hire a professional infographic designer on Dribbble. Just search for infographics at the top.

advanced SEO techniques  find designer on dribble.

From there, pick a designer and read their profile.

If you do want to create it yourself, here’s how to do that with Canva.

Login to Canva and click Create a Design then choose infographic.

Canva gives you some great layouts to start with. Pick one on the left-hand side. Click anywhere on the infographic to start editing it.

advanced SEO techniques  use canva to create infographics

You can change the text and images until you’re happy with the result. Canva also has a library of free stock icons, photos, shapes, and charts you can find under the Elements tab.

Once your infographic is ready, click Download at the top and save it as a PNG file. This will automatically download it to your computer.

advanced SEO techniques  use canva how to download graphics

Step #3: Write a Blog Post Based on Your Infographic

Take the data from your infographic and turn it into an in-depth article to accompany the graphic.

People are more likely to share your infographic if it comes with a post that explains it.

For example, if your infographic is titled “10 ways to make your site load faster,” you can expand on each of the tips in your blog post.

If you can publish unique content of at least 2,000 words and couple it with your infographic, your search traffic will double over time.

Remember that Google doesn’t index the text on the infographic, that’s part of the image file. The only thing Google indexes is the image itself.

When you create a blog post to go with it, Google will index that content and make it more likely for your infographic to come up in image search results for that keyword.

Step #4: Submit Your Infographic to Directories

Once you have your infographic, submit it to these top 20 infographic directories.

If you don’t want to take the time to do it yourself, you could find someone on a site like Fiverr to do it for you. Just search for “submit infographics.”

advanced SEO techniques use fivver

Click on the submission services and study them carefully. You should ask providers to show you the sites they intend to submit to. If you’re not comfortable with the sites they name, let them know. You’re hiring them which means you’re in control!

Note: Focus on quality links over quantity when to avoid a Google penalty. That way you’ll improve your search traffic and sustain your rankings.

Advanced SEO Tip 6. Optimize Content for RankBrain

Search engines have evolved a lot since Google first launched in 1998.

If you want to keep thriving in search rankings, you need to be aware of all the latest Google algorithm updates and SEO best practices.

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system that helps analyze search results. It learns what a page of content is about and how that relates to keywords people are searching for. Essentially, it helps connect a search with relevant results.

Let’s say you search for “remote work”.

That could mean a few different things:

  • You’re searching for remote, or distance/telecommute, jobs
  • Your remote control for the TV is broken and you want to make it work again

How does Google know which one you want?

advanced SEO techniques  google example

RankBrain goes to work and determines that you want the first option based on thousands of other web searches performed by people looking for the same term.

A more popular example would be the difference between searching for apple and Apple:

  • A fruit
  • A large computer company founded by Steve Jobs

So, how do you tell Google the exact “apple” that you’re referring to? Is it the Apple Company or the apple fruit? Or, is it something different-but-related?

advanced SEO techniques  rankbrain examle

RankBrain tells Google’s spiders how to index your content based on your intent.

Since Google is a lot more sophisticated these days, we no longer need to stuff our content full of keywords to make it understand our intent.

Whatever you do, don’t stuff keywords into your content!

Keyword stuffing is when you overuse keywords and phrases that relate to the main keyword in attempts to rank higher in search. It’s a bad SEO practice that you should avoid it at all costs.

For example, consider these related keywords: iPhone reviews, best iPhone reviews, new iPhone reviews. When you use all of these keywords in your content, it’s likely that Google won’t rank that page well, especially if the content falls is only a few hundred words long.

Here’s an example of a keyword stuffed paragraph:

Do you want to learn java online? Most java tutorials are not created to help beginners learn java online, because the online java learning platforms are not user-friendly. But today, in the Los Angeles area, you can easily learn java online from the comfort of your home and become a java online expert.

Not great, right?

The main keyword “java online” was mentioned four times, which is too often for such a short paragraph.

There is a better way to change this paragraph and make it more user focused, without neglecting the main keyword – “java online.” All you have to do is find synonyms for the keyword. For example:

Are you ready to learn java online? It’s a good step towards upgrading your skills and giving you a better chance of getting that job. There are several places to learn java on the web, and within 2 – 3 months, you’ll be programming in java. Most people don’t like the idea of taking online java courses, but I believe it’s one of the most flexible ways to get access to a wealth of knowledge and become skilled in your life’s pursuit.

The difference is clear, right?

The second paragraph sounds better to users and still uses your keyword without overdoing it.

That’s the power behind RankBrain.

A few guidelines for finding synonyms for your main keyword:

  • Find keywords with the same meaning as the principle keyword, but with different spelling and structure. Example: image, picture, photo.
advanced SEO techniques look for related keyterms
  • Don’t over-optimize for other keywords or you could get penalized. Only use them when necessary and make sure your copy flows naturally when a human reads it!
  • Write in a natural tone. Make sure that the new keywords don’t override the main keyword that you want to rank for. The new key phrases are only there to give additional meaning to your content and to help Google understand the context of what you’re talking about.

A good example of these practices is Marketing Land.

Marketing Land optimizes content for a main keyword and several synonyms. They know that once YouTube is mentioned, terms like videos, channels, and video source need to be mentioned, too.

Where Facebook is mentioned sharing, liking, and commenting are also included as they’re all common activities that take place on the platform.

advanced SEO techniques marketing land example

Google looks out for these key terms in your content. As long as you’re including them in a natural-sounding way, your search rankings will continue to improve.

Advanced SEO Tip 7. Write at Least 1,447 Words

Backlinko analyzed 11.8 million searches and found the mean first-page search result had 1,447 words.

There have been numerous studies and experiments on the correlation between content length and search engine ranking.

This graph from Backlinko pages with a higher word count tend to help you crack the first page of Google. It won’t necessarily help you hit number one, but it can help you get close.

I did an experiment for QuickSprout. The results showed that my posts over 1,500 words received almost double the amount of social shares than the ones under 1,500 words.

advanced SEO techniques how long should content be

Content length isn’t everything. A shorter blog post that’s higher quality will still outperform a longer, low-quality post.

The trick is to cover one topic in so much detail that every part of the post is valuable to the reader. Making it more valuable to humans makes it more valuable to Google as a page to display in search results.

A key benefit of longer content is that it will naturally contain more relevant keywords and rank for them.

Consistently publishing informative content over 1,447 words will yield big returns in organic search traffic.

Advanced SEO Tip 8. Write a Roundup Post

A roundup post is when you interview a few people about the same topic or make a list of the “best” of something.

Not only is it a great way to get different viewpoints and learn new things, it also helps grow your SEO rankings and traffic.

Here’s an example: 53 Best SEO Experts of 2020: A More Diverse Roundup

The author of this post collected the names and profiles of experts in their field, including where they work, what type of information they share, and where to follow them.

It seems simple because it is, and it works!

The key benefit of these posts is that it allows you to get your website in front of lots of new audiences, thanks to the experts you’re interviewing.

If you were featured in a roundup, you’d share that with your audience, right?

Deirdre Breakenridge is one of the experts featured in the post above about PR. She has over 30,000 Twitter followers.

advanced SEO techniques twitter example

If she tweeted out your roundup post even once, there’s a good chance some of her audience would click to read it.

Those are people you wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise.

Creating a roundup post that grows your traffic is easy:

Step #1: Pick a Topic and a Good Question

For example, if I wanted to write a post about tips to grow your traffic, I could ask, “What one strategy has grown your website traffic the most?”

Step #2: Make a List of Experts and Reach Out

Make a list of as many experts in the topic you want to write about as you can. If you want to feature 10 expert opinions, make a list of 20 experts at least.

It may not be easy to find their email addresses, so write down their social media profiles instead.

Then, reach out with a nice email/social media message and ask them for their opinion!

Remember to include that you’ll be linking back to their website as a thank you for contributing.

advanced SEO techniques outreach email example

Step #3: Write and Publish the Post

Collect all the answers, then write and intro and conclusion. Make sure to link back to everyone featured.

After you’ve published it, be sure to send a follow up email, or social media message, to let them know the post went live.

Ask them to share it with their audience.

Even if only half of your 10 experts share it, that’s still five more audiences than you would have reached by yourself. And depending on the size of your expert’s audience, that could be thousands or tens of thousands of new people visiting your website.

Brian Liang wrote a roundup post about how to promote your blog.

He got over 40 experts to contribute to it, resulting in a comprehensive and informative piece that got over 5,000 shares on social media. It was also Buzzsumo’s most shared post of that week for the term “blog promotion.”

The biggest wow factor? His blog wasn’t even well-known at the time!

What would 5,000 shares do for your brand?

advanced SEO techniques promote blog post

Advanced SEO Tip 9. Post Valuable Content on Social

If your blog is new, it can be difficult to rank well in Google search results for high volume keywords because your Domain Authority and Page Authority are still very low.

However, you can use social media platforms to gain credibility and traffic.

In the screenshot below, you can see the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) for each search result. I’m using the free MozBar to see this information.

Page Authority was developed by Moz, and it means the likelihood that your page will rank highly in search. A higher number means it’s more likely to rank well.

This is based on several factors: content length, links, keywords, readability and more.

Domain Authority is the overall likelihood that your whole website, or domain, will rank highly in search.

advanced SEO techniques domain authority

But not all social media platforms are created equal when it comes to building authority and traffic.

I’m not talking about Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest where anyone can post whatever they want. I’m talking about authoritative platforms where quality content is expected.

A few examples are Slideshare, Blogger, and Quora. These sites give you the opportunity to improve your search rankings, as well as build a following, within a short period of time.

advanced SEO techniques alternative social sites to use

Does leveraging authority social platforms increase your search traffic and rankings?


For example, Ana Hoffman got 243,000 views in 30 days, in addition to other benefits, using Slideshare content. Her presentations were among the top most-viewed slide decks.

advanced SEO techniques ana hoffman views using slideshare

If you’d like to leverage Slideshare as a search traffic booster, here are the basic steps that you should take:

Step #1: Find a Trending Topic

In my experience, simply selecting a keyword and creating a top-notch slideshow presentation doesn’t always generate buzz on social media.

Instead, look for topics that are already trending on blogs. Just as you do when looking for blog post ideas, you should identify what people are talking about right now.

Another great place is GrowthHackers, an online community of marketers. You’ll find lots of trending topics. Pick one that interests you and is related to your business or industry.

advanced SEO techniques promote content

The article titled “10 Ways to Promote Content in Less Than 30 Minutes” would make a good Slideshare presentation.

Don’t feel pressured to crank out 50 or 100 slides.

Aim for about 35 slides. This gives a user a good amount of information without being too long to keep their attention.

Step #2: Make an Outline

Read the article you selected in step 1, pick out key points, and create an outline for your presentation. This will make it easier to put together the full presentation.

Your Slideshare presentation outline could be something as simple as:

  • Join HARO
  • Publish a press release
  • Update your email signature
  • Comment on other influential blogs
  • Mention your sources on Twitter
  • Scoop.it
  • Use BuzzBundle
  • Post in LinkedIn Groups
  • Post to StumbleUpon

Each item in your outline represents a single slide.

If you want to make a presentation based solely on someone else’s post or article, make sure you get their consent first to avoid plagiarism. Do that before moving on to the next step and don’t forget to credit the author of the post that inspired you in your presentation.

Step #3: Find Supporting Images

Slideshare presentations are all about using images to captivate and hold the viewer’s attention. You can find free stock photos by searching Google for “free stock photos.”

advanced SEO techniques find free impages

Gratisography is another place where you can download free stock photos without copyright restrictions.

advanced SEO techniques find stock images for slid share

A few advanced SEO tips for images:

  • Pick photos that are relevant to your topic or point
  • Use high-resolution images/photos
  • Use free stock photos, with no copyright restrictions
  • Use images as accents — don’t let them overpower your text

You can also create your own images, rather than using stock photos.

Step #4: Study Successful Slideshare Presentations

Learning from experts is the best way to grow your own traffic and search rankings.

Popular presentations are featured on the Slideshare homepage. Study them carefully. Consider how you could improve them.

Could you design it better? Could you find more facts and data to back up the points made? If the answer is yes, make your own presentation.

advanced SEO techniques use slideshare

Step #5: Create Your SlideShare Presentation

With all of the information you’ve gathered, create your presentation! Try to make it really stand out from the other ones you studied.

You can use any software you like to create the presentation: PowerPoint, Keynote, Photoshop and save as a PDF, whatever you’re comfortable with.

You can even use Canva to create a SlideShare presentation.

Don’t forget to include a link to your chosen landing page for the topic. The link that comes from SlideShare is dofollow, so you’ll get link juice to boost your search rankings.

advanced SEO techniques presentation example

This presentation is directing people to their lead magnet for doubling leads and sales, which takes you to this landing page:

advanced SEO techniques landing page example

This is a great way of getting leads and subscribers for your email list.

Advanced SEO Tip 10. Use Advanced SEO Internal Deep Linking

Deep linking is the practice of using anchor text to link to other pages inside your blog. This shows Google the depth of your site’s pages and encourages it to index more of them.

Most people focus on getting search visitors to their homepage, but struggle to rank their internal pages.

advanced SEO techniques deep linking

Your older blog posts and landing pages that provide immense value on relevant topics can pull in a lot of new traffic. You should link to them often to help build the structure of your website.

Without establishing internal links, a Google spider may see your website this way:

advanced SEO techniques without deep linking

Pages C and D could be very important, but the spider can’t easily see them.

When your content is properly linked to each other, it helps the Google see all your content in an organized way, like this:

advanced SEO techniques internal linking strategy

When you start interlinking pages other than your homepage, you’ll improve the SEO value for those internal pages and improve their ranking — even for tough keywords.

Before you start link building to your inner pages, you should first check to see how many inbound links go to your homepage, as compared to your other pages.

Step #1: See How Many Inbound Links You Have

Go to Moz’s Link Explorer. Enter your URL into the search box and click “Get free link data”.

advanced SEO link explorer

Step #2: View Top Pages

Sign up for access, then login. Click on “Top Pages,” in the left-hand menu under overview.

Step #3: Look at the Inbound Links for Your Homepage

advanced SEO techniques inbound links

Looking at the above screenshot, you can see that my homepage has 276,000 inbound links, but the next highest number of links for an internal page is only 2,445.

That’s still a good number of links to have, but much lower than 276,000!

A high bounce rate often happens to websites who receive a significantly higher level of links to their homepage than they do for internal pages.

One of the strategies that worked best for me to lower my bounce rate is deep linking. Using this tactic, I was able to drop my average bounce rate from 45.34% to 24.45%.

advanced SEO techniques bounce rate example

Here are a few other ways deep linking to internal content helps your rankings:

Improves Page Authority: Google likes fresh content, because recent information is more likely to be relevant and useful to users.

Adding fresh content regularly is not the only way to raise your Page Authority. Linking to your older content gives those pages more power and tells Google they’re still relevant.

Your homepage naturally may have a higher PA but you need to work towards improving the authority of internal pages.

Cyrus Shepard explained, in a Moz post, that Google gives fresh content a score based on the date that it was published.

advanced SEO techniques fresh content score

This freshness score can decay over time and it’s also responsible for increasing or decreasing the search ranking of that page. While freshness isn’t important for every page, it still matters!

Makes your internal pages indexable. Consistently linking to internal pages makes it easier for search engine spiders to quickly find and index them.

When linking to your internal pages from other blogs, avoid over-optimization of your anchor text.

Your anchor text is the actual part of your sentence that has the link in it, like this. Use something simple for your anchor text, like your website name (“Neil Patel”), or add a keyword (“Neil Patel’s content marketing”).

An easy way to link to internal pages is in your latest blog post, like I’m doing right now when I say things like you could double your traffic.

The words “double your traffic” are a good example of anchor text, and I linked over to an older post with more tips on growing your blog which is relevant to my current topic.

Advanced SEO Tip 11. Send Link Juice to Lower-Ranked Pages

If you have a page that’s currently on page two or three of Google search results, you can help move it up to page one by passing on quality link juice to those lower ranked pages.

Link juice (aka link equity) refers to outbound links from high authority sources to your content. Since those links are from high authority websites, that reputation rubs off on your site. Essentially, this gives Google an indication that your content is high quality, too.

Let’s look at it this way: you have two websites that are 100% identical – same design, same content. If every other factor were the same, the site with the most links would rank the highest in search results.

advanced SEO techniques how links work in SEO

This article about indexing used to be on page two of Google’s results for the search term “index your site”.

Now, it’s the third organic search result on page 1!

advanced SEO techniques example of poorly performing page

Here’s how I did it.

Step #1: Updated the Post

I added new links, content and recent data to bring the post up to date.

I cover how to update your older content in detail in Section 18!

Step #2: Shared It Across Social Media Again

Since I updated the post, I shared it on all my social networks again. This brought in a lot of new traffic.

Step #3: Linked to It From Newer Posts

Every time it was relevant to a new post I was writing, I included a link to this post. This directed traffic to the older post and resulted in people sharing it and linking to it themselves.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but over the span of a few months, I went from page two to almost the top of page one.

Advanced SEO Tip 12. Link to External Sites with High Domain Authority

It helps pass link juice to your content when you get links from high authority domains. Likewise, it also helps your overall trustworthiness in Google’s eyes when you link to high authority sites.

A good place to look for sites to link to is Alltop.

You’ll see some featured sites on the homepage and recent content published by them.

advanced SEO techniques link to high domain pages

All six of these options would be good to link to, and get links from.

To find something for your topic, just search for your keyword at the top of the page.

advanced SEO techniques alltop

You’ll see related categories to what you typed in. I chose SEO here.

advanced SEO techniques alltop categories

Alltop then shows me the top SEO related content from the following high authority websites:

advanced SEO techniques top posts on SEO

I could link over to one of them as a data source in my content.

Like if I said that user experience was just as important as on-page SEO for ranking high in search.

Better yet, I could approach these websites and ask them to link back to my content.

advanced SEO techniques outreach email

They may not link back to you, but a simple email only takes a minute to write. That minute could result in huge traffic gains later on, so it’s worth the time.

Advanced SEO Tip 13. Snag Broken Link Opportunities on Wikipedia to Build Links

This is something a lot of marketers overlook, but it’s very powerful for generating high authority backlinks to your content.

Scan Wikipedia for dead links and claim them as your own!

Didn’t think of that, did you?

There are two types of links you can get from Wikipedia:

  • Citation needed: This means someone editing a Wikipedia article mentioned a statistic or fact without linking to a source.
  • Dead link: This is a source that was previously linked to but for whatever reason, the website or page does not exist anymore.

If you can write a post about the topic, and be a credible source of information, you can get these valuable links from Wikipedia.

I like to use a tool called WikiGrabber to find these link opportunities. Enter your keyword and click Search.

advanced SEO techniques find broken links

WikiGrabber then shows me this list of Wikipedia articles that need citations or that have dead links.

advanced SEO techniques wiki grabber to find broken wiki links

You can also use Google to find dead links on Wikipedia. Use the following search term:

site:wikipedia.org “Keyword phrase” “dead link”

For “content marketing”, you get the following results:

advanced SEO techniques find broken links

Let’s check out this article on Content Marketing.

Scroll through the article until you see the text [citation needed].

advanced SEO techniques find link on wiki

Read over the item that needs a source. If you have content that already backs up this statement, you can move ahead to submitting your link. If not, you will need to write a new post that thoroughly covers the topic and provides verifiable data.

To submit your link, click on the [edit] text beside Digital content marketing.

You’ll get the Wikipedia editor screen. Find the sentence that needed a citation, click at the end of it and click on Cite on the top menu.

advanced SEO techniques find links on wiki

Paste your URL into the box above and click Generate.

advanced SEO techniques add citation to wiki

You’ll see this screen confirming your citation and marking the date it was added.

advanced SEO techniques digital marketing add link

To save your changes to the article, click on Save Changes at the top right of your screen.

advanced SEO techniques save changes on wiki

Your edit will be submitted for moderation. If Wikipedia staff agrees it’s a valid source of data for that point, it will be added to the page and you’ll enjoy increased page authority and traffic from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia links are technically no-follow, which means that they do not pass link juice over to you. However, their domain authority ranking and trust level from Google are very high, so there are still SEO benefits to snagging them!

Advanced SEO Tip 14. Find and Use Competitors’ SEO Keywords

Competitor research is a smart move. Why reinvent the wheel, when all of the hard work of ranking in Google’s top pages has already been done by your competitors?

You can spy on the exact keywords that they’re ranking for and use those same keywords to create better content.

Something as simple as signing up for your competitor’s newsletter can reveal their whole email marketing strategy to you. A little research doesn’t cost anything but your time, and can produce some great new strategies for you to try.

Starbucks made a big splash in China when they studied their competitors’ marketing. Spying helps you improve your own plans to beat the competition based on data, instead of assumptions.

Starbucks’ profit in China has been steadily increasing because they did some simple research.

advanced SEO techniques starbuck increase chart

So how do you find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for right now?

Step #1: Head Over to Ubersuggest

Enter your competitor’s site URL into the search box and press Enter.

Step #2: Click Keyword Ideas in the Left Sidebar

This will give you a list of keywords related to your website.

advanced SEO techniques ubersuggest keyword ideas

Step #3: Look at SEO Keywords

Scroll down to the last section titled SEO Keywords.

advanced SEO techniques SEO keywords in ubersuggest

The Position column tells you which Google search result position your site sits in for that keyword. For example, smartblogger.com is in the first organic spot for “how do blogs make money”.

In order to verify whether the keywords are truly ranking at the positions Ubersuggest says, let’s do a quick Google search for “how do blogs make money”.

advanced SEO techniques people also ask

Definitely the top spot!

Now your job is to create high quality content using those same keywords. Use all the other tools in this list to build trusted links and boost that page’s ranking power.

If you want to get even more ideas for long-tail keywords to rank highly for, head back to the Ubersuggest home page.

  • Step #1: Enter Your Head Keyword and Click Search
  • Step #2: Click Keyword Ideas in the Left Sidebar
  • Step #3: Review the Keyword Ideas
advanced SEO techniques keyword ideas in ubersuggest

In this example, you’re provided 461 keywords related to “online marketing.” You can now use filters to find long-tail keywords with high volume and a low SEO Difficulty score.

For this search, I set the volume at 800 to 4,000 and the SD at 40 or below.

advanced SEO techniques filter keyword ideas in ubersuggest

While these search parameters eliminated more than 350 keywords, it also left behind seven ideas to include in future content.

You know the monthly search volume is greater than 800 and the SD is lower than 40. With that, you can confidently optimize for the keyword, knowing that the first page of Google is within reach. When that happens, there’s traffic to be had.

After clicking on a keyword that piques your interest, you’ll see how your competition is doing:

Advanced SEO techniques find keywords in uber suggest

You’re given the following:

  • URL for each page in the top 10 of the Google search results
  • Estimated number of visits
  • Number of backlinks
  • Domain score
  • Number of social shares

For the keyword “online marketing strategies,” my website is currently in the third position of the Google search results. This is good for roughly 97 visitors per month. However, if I am able to reach the top spot, I’ll pick up another 200+ visitors per month.

The data shows my domain score is in line with the top two search results, but the page doesn’t have nearly as many links or social shares. So, focusing on those two metrics will help me reach the goal of claiming the top search result.

Advanced SEO Tip 15. Use AdWords Copy in Your On-Page SEO

Another great way to steal the spotlight from your competition is to look for keyword ideas in their Google AdWords search ads.

Google AdWords ads are short and already optimized for your competition’s target keywords. If you can produce a quality article that ranks well organically for that same keyword, you can easily establish yourself among your target customers.

With 26 percent of internet users using ad blockers, consumers are warier than ever of paid advertising.

Establishing yourself high in organic search results establishes trust and will display you first to those using ad blockers.

To find some good AdWords keywords to create content around, try searching for keywords you want to rank for:

Advanced SEO techniques find keyterms to rank for

Analyze the titles and copy used in each of these ads. They should give you at least a few ideas for headlines you can use in new content.
A few from this example could be:

  • How to Perform a Free SEO Website Audit
  • How to Generate More Calls, Leads and Sales with Local SEO
  • Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority in 30 Days

I wrote the first post below for QuickSprout using “How to Perform an SEO Audit”, and included the word free in the title.

Advanced SEO techniques articles that rank well examle

In that post, I broke down all the steps to do a full SEO website audit and included a template for users to download.

It remains a very popular post and still converts at over 50%. All for free, with no paid AdWords ads!

Advanced SEO Tip 16. Use Multiple Keywords in SEO Page Titles

Your SEO page title is the title that is displayed in Google search results. Here’s an example.

Advanced SEO techniques use multiple keywords in titles

You want to ensure that each page title for each page and post on your website contains a keyword.

A strategy I have found particularly effective is to include multiple keywords within each page title. Make sure not to be spammy with this or it could end up hurting you.

By spammy, I mean just cramming keywords in there for the sake of it, even if they sound a little off. Or, by using spam trigger words that instantly make Google think your content is less than legit.

Let’s say your post is about hair colors for fall and you want to rank for the following keywords:

  • Hair colour
  • Autumn hair
  • Autumn hair trends

Here are a few examples of a page title that combines those in a natural-sounding way:

  • Autumn Hair Trends: The Best Hair Colors of the Season
  • 5 Hot Hair Colours Right Now: Autumn Hair Trends
  • And here’s an example of a keyword-stuffed, not good page title:
  • Autumn Hair Colour Trends – Hair Colour for Autumn

See the difference? The first two sound natural and like you could picture seeing them online. The last one just seems spammy and like it’s trying too hard.

If your page titles sound like you’re trying too hard, you probably are.

Advanced SEO Tip 17. Monitor Google Search Console Stats

Google Search Console is a powerful tool to help you track potential issues with your site that affect your rankings.

If you haven’t already signed up for it, you can see how to do that step by step right here.

There are three main things you want to check regularly in Search Console:

  • Watching for crawl errors, like 404 pages
  • Submitting new sitemaps
  • See which keywords people are using to find you

When you first sign in to Search Console, you’ll see your Dashboard page.

Under “Coverage,” you’ll see any URL erros.

As you can see, I have seven recent URL errors for my blog.

Advanced SEO techniques URL errors examle

I had corrected a lot of 404 page errors in previous months that were caused by a switch to a new webhost, as you can tell by the red line. It’s important to keep monitoring these reports often as new errors can pop up anytime, like these seven have!

If you click on one of the URLs in the list, you’ll see this message.

Advanced SEO techniques error details in google

404 errors don’t have a direct impact your search result rankings, but they don’t make for a great user experience which can impact SEO.

You don’t want to show up high in search, get someone excited to visit your site, then disappoint them with a 404 page when they get there, right?

Fortunately, they’re very easy to correct in Search Console. For each 404 error, click on Fetch as Google in the screenshot above.

Search Console will tell you the result of what Google’s indexing spider sees.

Advanced SEO techniques google search console spider

In this case, my 404 page was showing up that way because it’s being redirected to a new page. This can be easily solved by getting my site re-indexed. Click on Request Indexing button, and you’re done.

There’s also an easier way: you can submit a new sitemap for your full site.

Click on Sitemaps on the left-side menu.

advanced SEO submit sitemap

Enter in the URL to your sitemap. For most people, this is just “sitemap.xml” after your domain name, like neilpatel.com/sitemap.xml.

If you need help creating a sitemap, use this guide on How to Create an SEO-Boosting XML Sitemap in 20 Minutes (or Less.)

When you submit a new sitemap, the status changes to Pending.

Advanced SEO techniques submit sitemap

Getting Google to re-index your site will ensure any 404 errors that you know don’t exist are marked as fixed.

Another great use of Search Console is to find out the keywords people are using to find you.

Click on Performance in the left-side menu.

You’ll see a list of keywords that people typed into Google that displayed your website, whether they clicked on your page or not.

Advanced SEO techniques keyword on google console

Looking at how people found you can tell you a lot about what you’re ranking well for. If the keywords in your list aren’t the ones you want to rank for, it’s time to optimize more of your content!

Advanced SEO Tip 18. Update Old Content

If you’ve been blogging for more than three months, you’ve got a goldmine of content in your archives to repurpose.

You’ve undoubtedly written some posts that are still generating organic traffic. You can improve those posts and leverage their authority for higher search rankings.

Advanced SEO techniques check on old posts

Start by making a list of your top performing content.

Step #1: Find Posts That Need Some Love

Log into Google Analytics. Click the “Behavior” tab on the left side.

Advanced SEO techniques GA behavior reprot

Step #2: Click Site Content -> All Pages

Look for the best performing posts from three to six months ago. These posts are doing well, but a refresh could drive even more traffic.

Advanced SEO techniques site content pages

Step 4: Update Old Posts

Here’s what I do to update my best performing posts to keep them fresh and popular:

Write a Sharable Headline

The most critical step of all is to write a headline that will inspire people to share your post, and that contains your SEO keyword.

So, if your old post was titled “How to Make $10,000 From Your Blog,” you could make it more sharable by adding a bit of personal flair. The headline should evoke curiosity, but still maintain its clarity.

Something like this: How I Make $10,000 a Month From My Blog While Traveling the World

That’s a bit more fun, huh?

You could even add a number to the headline, as people more frequently share headlines that contain a number. Headlines like, “7 Reasons Why Blogging Can Be a Career”, etc.

Advanced SEO techniques headline preferences

For example:

  • How I Make $10,000 Blogging Part Time (and 3-Step Plan You Can Follow)
  • How I Made My First $10,000 Blogging From Home in 30 Days

Take a look at this Copy Hackers headline. It’s thought-provoking, keyword-rich, clickable and clear:

Advanced SEO techniques blog heading example

Add Customer Testimonials or Notable Mentions

Now that you have some experience, let it show in your content.

Customer testimonials are huge for marketing. When it comes to including a testimonial within a piece of content, that content has an 89% success rate.

Your reader may not jump on board if you’re the only one saying how awesome you are. But if someone else backs it up, your authority and influence will increase.

When you get a testimonial, find a piece of content that fits it and include that testimonial.

Update Old Data and Images

If your post was originally from 2014, you clearly need to update your data sources.

If your website has gone through a redesign during that time, you’ll likely need to update images in the post to be in line with your current branding.

I do this regularly with my best performing content. For example, this guide on getting your website indexed is one of my most popular posts.

Whenever something changes with Google’s algorithm or indexing rules, I update that post so it’s always up to date. I don’t want new users coming to my site and finding outdated info, so it’s important that my top content is accurate.

Another word for content like this is your ‘cornerstone content’.

Cornerstone content is basically the foundation of your blog. They are the articles you are most proud of and the ones that are the most unique, in-depth and informative.

Brian Clark describes it as, “It’s what people need to know to make use of your website and do business with you.”

Advanced SEO techniques corner stone hubs

An easy way to keep track of your cornerstone content is to create a spreadsheet. Add the following columns:

  • Post title
  • Post URL
  • Topic
  • Main keywords
  • Last Updated

Scan through your list every few months and ensure that none of these posts go too long without being updated. Don’t go more than six months without updating one of your cornerstone pieces.

Advanced SEO Tip 19. BONUS – Revamp Old Articles With More Organic Traffic Potential

In the previous section, we covered how you can keep your best performing articles fresh and optimized. But what about the articles that didn’t go over so well?

You should also be updating your lowest performing content to improve it.

You know it’s a good topic and that people want to know about it, otherwise you wouldn’t have written about it in the first place. Revamping an old underperforming article is a sure way to get more organic search traffic.

What’s the alternative? Writing a new post from scratch. It may do well, or it could flop too. It’s worth the effort to revamp an old post!

Here’s how to turn your previous content failures into organic search stars:

Make a List of Underperforming Content

Open up Google Analytics and click on Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.

Look at page views, average time on page, and bounce rate.

advanced SEO find low performing content in Google analytics

If you click on the arrow next to Pageviews, you can see the pages with the least amount of traffic. These are pages that need some thelp!

Analyze Keywords

For each of your lowest performing posts that you want to update, run them through whatsmyserp.

Enter the keyword you want to check the ranking of and your post’s URL, and click Go.

You can enter in multiple searches one at a time and see all your results at the bottom of the page.

advanced SEO techniques whats my serp tool

This post ranked 14 for sales funnel — which might isn’t even on the first page.

If my goal were to rank higher for ‘sales funnel’, I now have some data to start with. There are over 200 factors that go into search engine rankings, but updating this old post with better optimization for that keyword will help boost its position.

The top four organic search results get 69.6% of all traffic.

The higher you can get underperforming content to rank in search results, the more eyeballs will be on it, and the more clicks you’ll get.

Update the Post

Similar to the section above, you’ll want to update:

  • Old data or citations
  • Images or broken links
  • Optimize for keywords you want to rank higher for
  • Add new insights from your experience, or recent news that’s relevant
  • Add a testimonial or case study

I recently went through this process with this post about starting a blog.

Before I updated it, it was ranking on page three. After expanding the post to over 3,000 words, updating all the images and screenshots, adding new information and resharing it to my network, the post is now on page one for “how to start a blog”.

advanced SEO techniques update content

The post has received a 167% jump in traffic since I revamped it and it’s now my second most shared post ever!

Relaunch the Post

You can’t just press update and expect the world to know you just added a ton more value to your old post. You need to tell people.

It’s important to edit the publish date of the post to today’s date. You don’t want it to get buried in your archives, or for Google to think it’s old news.

When you’re ready to relaunch the post, change the publish date. In WordPress, there’s an edit link next to the date you can click.

advanced SEO techniques relaunch post

Just change that to the current date.

This makes your revamped post show at the top of your blog feed so it looks brand new and more people see it.

There are a few more things you’ll want to do right away:

  • Share it on social media
  • Contact anyone mentioned in the revamped content and ask them to share it out too (this is very effective!)
  • Send it out to your email list

Revamping old content has been really successful for me.

It would have taken me 10x as long to come up with all new post ideas and write them instead of editing the ones I already had. Making use of existing content is always more efficient than starting from scratch and the traffic results prove it.


A blog is a powerful brand marketing tool.

Maybe that’s because, by their very nature, blogs provide a personal touch that’s not found elsewhere.

In order to maximize your blog’s potential, you have to make sure it gets found in search results.

These advanced SEO techniques may not be the easiest to implement – they certainly require more effort than basic keyword research and link building – but they are incredibly effective. Using these strategies can double your search traffic.

Remember the human beings on the other side of the screen and write for what they want to read. Focusing on user intent and trying out these 19 advanced SEO tips is a recipe for traffic success.

Have you tried any of these advanced SEO techniques before? What results did you get and how long did it take to see them?

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How to Double Your YouTube Subscribers (Without Buying Them)

Every minute, 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube. With that much competition, you might have counted yourself out and accepted that getting enough Youtube subscribers isn’t worth the effort.

But what if you’re making a social media mistake? What if you could break through the noise and become popular on YouTube?

One of the best ways of measuring popularity on YouTube is by looking at the number of subscribers.

The more subscribers you have, the more you can consistently achieve high view counts on your videos.

Not everyone who is uploading a video to YouTube has laid out a strategy that will allow them to increase subscriber numbers, which leads some to buy YouTube subscribers — which is a huge mistake.

When you buy YouTube subscribers, many of those accounts are fake. Even if they are real people, they are unlikely to engage with your content and actually buy what you have to offer.

In short, buying YouTube subscribers is a waste of time.

Instead, work to build a strategy to boost subscriber numbers — then you can join the ranks of companies seeing massive success on YouTube and earn free YouTube subscribers.

In this post, we’ll look at how you can grow your YouTube subscriber count. We’ll analyze a variety of media marketing strategies and show you how to implement them.

By the end, you should have a good sense of how to create a strategy that will allow you to use YouTube to grow your business.

Give Your Channel a Theme to Gain YouTube Subscribers 

Before you do anything, you need to give your channel a theme.

If you look at many of the top YouTube channels, you’ll notice that many of them stick to a theme.

Take a look at the Derek Halpern‘s channel, for example.

get more youtube subscribers example

Notice how a lot of the YouTube videos he creates are on topics related to business and success.

Having a theme makes it easier to create consistent YouTube content.

On top of that, you can make your channel the ‘go-to’ place for specific content. This is the goal of a social media platform.

If your channel caters to a specific niche, then people who care deeply about that niche will want to become subscribers.

For example, imagine your videos are all about Facebook marketing, and you aim to help business owners.

If a business owner who wants to learn more about Facebook marketing subscribes to your YouTube channel, they’ll get an update any time you post content.

This helps them stay ahead of the curve without having to do a lot of work.

If you’re struggling to come up with a theme for your channel, think about the problems your business solves and who it solves those problems for.

Then, produce videos based on the topics you know will help the people your business serves.

Post Incredible Content to Gain YouTube Subscribers 

Many marketers agree that video converts better than other forms of media.

If you want to drive conversions, you need to learn how to create incredible content on your media platform.

Plus, if you can create incredible content, then a lot of the work related to growing your subscriber count is already done.

When people subscribe to your channel, they’re essentially signing up to get updates whenever a new piece of content is posted.

If your content is great, people won’t mind hearing from you again because their initial interaction with you and your content was positive.

Whether that’s a learning experience, an entertainment experience, or both — it’s worth watching your videos.

And remember that people take the time to watch great content.

According to Hubspot, 54% of people want to see more video content from marketers. This is a good foundation for your media platform that will expand social networks.

If your content is excellent, then you’ll benefit from the fact that 54% of senior executives share content with their social networks.

So how do you produce incredible content that makes viewers want to subscribe and share?

Start by focusing on producing content that is relevant to your target audience.

Provided that you’re sticking to a theme, as mentioned before, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a way to produce valuable content.

Then, use these tips.

Look for Popular Keywords on YouTube

Let’s say that you want to create a channel that covers the topic of ‘pencil drawing.’

One way to develop content ideas is by simply entering the broad keyword of ‘pencil drawing’ into the YouTube search engine.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally,  so we know there’s going to be some relevant data here.

get youtube subscribers by posting incredible content

When we type in the keyword, we see the suggestions above.

Now, those topics might seem a little broad, so you may want to pick one of those keywords and go through the same process again so that you can generate something more concise.

Let’s add the word ‘tutorial,’ for instance.

get youtube subscribers search for keyterms

By adding the word tutorial, we are now provided with more concise keywords.

The fact that these keywords appear in the suggestions lets us know that people are searching for these videos.

You might argue that there is a lot of competition for such keywords.

And while that may be true, later on in the post, we’ll figure out how we can get people to view our videos, even when there is a lot of competition — so don’t let it be a concern for now.

The great thing about the approach above is that it gives us a place to start.

If we want to produce content for a certain niche, this technique lets us know what kinds of content people will already have an interest in viewing.

My tool Ubersuggest is another great YouTube keyword research tool. Simply type in your main key term and click “Keyword ideas” in the right sidebar, and it will deliver more than 400 keywords for you to consider.

use ubersuggest to increase Youtube subscribers screenshot

You can also use the Google Keyword Planner tool to come up with content ideas. That’s because there will be some coherence between Google search results and YouTube search results.

Let’s stick with the topic of ‘pencil drawing.’

increase youtube subscribers using Google to search for keyterms

In the ‘Your product or service’ box, enter a keyword-based on your business. If I were running a business that taught people how to do a pencil drawing, I’d enter ‘how to do a pencil drawing.’

You want to keep the keyword broad at this stage because it’ll allow for the keyword tool to develop a wide range of ideas for you.

use google for YouTube keyword research to drive YouTube subscribers

Once you’ve entered the keyword, you’ll then see this page. It shows several ‘Ad groups’ of keywords.

Each group of keywords centers around a certain topic.

As you can see, I’ve arranged the groups in terms of ‘Average monthly searches’ and descending order. This gives us a sense of where there might be a lot of competition.

Let’s click on the mid-range group called ‘Drawing Techniques.’

increase youtube subscribers using Google for Keyword research

I’ve highlighted a few keywords that might represent good YouTube content opportunities.

I chose these keywords because it’s clear to see how you could create a focused, high-value video centered around these keywords.

You might think that these keywords don’t have that many searches and, therefore, aren’t worthy in terms of effort required.

However, remember we’re not just going to post a handful of videos and then be done with it.

Cultivating a YouTube channel so that it eventually has many subscribers often requires posting a lot of content. In fact, the biggest YouTube channel has over 4,200 videos.

If you want to publish massive amounts of content while keeping it relevant, you need to be able to niche down your content as much as possible, so each video provides value.

If you niche down, it’s only natural that the level of searches per month will go down.

Even if you focus on low volume keywords, they’ll all come together to help you build momentum and establish yourself in a YouTube niche.

You’ll also notice there isn’t a ton of content for those lower volume search terms, which represents an opportunity.

Look at what happens when I type in the ‘Simple drawing techniques’ keyword.

get more YouTube subscribers example

There’s a playlist there, but other than that, there aren’t any fully optimized titles or even videos based solely around the topic of ‘simple drawing techniques.’

Improve the Production Quality of Your YouTube Videos 

Production quality shouldn’t be a top priority, but it can definitely increase the number of YouTube subscribers after a certain point.

As long as your videos are rich in value and provide the viewer with the information they need, you’re doing a good job.

When the videos start to bring you a return, then you can focus more on production quality.

Here are a few tips.

Ensure what you’re saying can be easily heard. You must speak clearly and enthusiastically. You’ve got to project your voice.

Otherwise, people might not be able to understand what you’re saying. They might even get bored.

You don’t need to act like an extrovert; just try and prevent your voice from becoming monotonous.

If you’re recording your content using a phone or a laptop, the microphone might not be enough. So, you may want to invest in a quality external microphone.

However, test it to see how things actually sound before you make this investment.

You also need to ensure that your video is easy to watch.

You don’t want to make it hard work for your viewers to see what is going on. This means you need to ensure lighting is adequate.

If you’re recording a talking head style video where you’re talking to the camera, ensure that your face can be clearly seen.

If someone is recording you, then ensure the camera isn’t shaking.

If you’re recording your laptop screen, make sure your actions can be clearly seen and that anything you type can be read.

Use Video Editing to Improve the Quality of Your YouTube Videos 

When it comes to video editing, you have a couple of solutions. When speaking about video editing, what we’re referring to is improving your videos’ style and not so much about removing minor mistakes.

More often than not, you’re going to make minor mistakes when recording your video. You don’t need to put tons of focus into removing these bits, as they don’t harm your video all that much.

In fact, they might even help your video as they let other people know that they’re dealing with a real person rather than a sly media marketing salesman.

Where editing can come in handy, though, is when you need to create cuts in your video or add a title screen.

If you’re not an accomplished video editor, you could seek someone from Upwork or perhaps even Fiverr.

improve YouTube subscribers with video editing

Alternatively, you could purchase a video editing suite and learn to do everything yourself.

That method might save you a bit more money, though you might end up spending a lot more time learning how to edit videos on your own. This takes time away from your media marketing.

That might not be the best trade-off, depending on your circumstances.

As mentioned, you don’t want to over-edit your videos, though you want to give them a sense of style that separates you from the crowd.

Often, the easiest way to do this is by having custom intro music and a custom title screen.

Another way that you can post incredible content is by creating videos based on your product being used.

Demonstration videos can go a long way in showcasing your product as something worth buying.

You can even turn some of your blog posts into videos. Nearly 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read a chunk of text.

Okay, so that’s the basics of creating incredible content.

The next point will be essential if you want to ensure that your YouTube subscriber rates grow consistently over time.

Get More YouTube Views by Posting Often and Consistently

This is probably the hardest part of growing a YouTube following — though it can also be one of the most important.

The average company posts 18 YouTube videos a month. Posting content consistently is a great way for you to compete.

Plus, if you’re constantly posting new content, then people have a reason to become a subscriber and share it on their social networks.

After all, people are less likely to subscribe if you’re not going to post any more content — why should they?

If you use the tips mentioned earlier, then coming up with ideas for posting new content is pretty easy.

You just need to set a schedule and stick to it.

How Often Should You Post New YouTube Videos? 

If you want to keep things simple, look at what your competition is doing, and then one-up them. If they are posting twice a week, aim for three times a week.

Sometimes, however, the best plan is the one you can stick to.

Consistency in your media marketing campaign is important, as it’ll keep existing subscribers coming back for more. This will result in more YouTube views — and also improve engagement.

Engagement on a video tends to come in the following forms:

  • Thumbs up or Thumbs Down
  • Social sharing
  • Subscribing
  • Commenting
  • Favoriting

Ideally, you want to improve the engagement levels in each of these categories through any social media site.

People like to engage with content on YouTube — did you know that over 100 million people per week take a ‘social action’ on YouTube every week?

Another mind-blowing fact is that 700 videos are shared every minute on Twitter. So while YouTube is not a social media site, it is a valuable tool for any social media marketing platform.

Great engagement will help make the video more visible in the YouTube search engine.

This will expose your video to more people, who can then become subscribers themselves.

If you want to view some statistics in terms of how your videos perform, you can use the YouTube analytics dashboard.

get more YouTube subscribers analytics

You don’t have to be at a computer to post content consistently. That’s because you can use the scheduling feature provided by Google.

To gain access to this feature, you must first turn on monetization for your videos. This means that you are willing to show ads on your videos.

If you don’t want to show ads on your videos, don’t worry. You still have control over which videos are monetized and which ones aren’t.

Let’s take a look at how you can get that done.

  • Sign up for a YouTube account and then go to the ‘Creators Studio’ section.
  • On the left sidebar, under the ‘Channel’ option, select ‘Monetization.’
  • Choose ‘Enable My Account.’

Now, you’ll be able to access the scheduling features provided by YouTube to program your media platform.

You’ll also be able to access a lot more in the way of YouTube analytics.

If you want to schedule a video, click on the ‘Upload’ button.

get more youtube subscribers by scheduling post screeshot

Then click on the dropdown menu and select the ‘Scheduled’ option.

how to schedule YouTube videos to get more YouTube Subscribers

Then drag and drop your video, or click the icon to upload it.

On the next screen, you can adjust the scheduling options.

get youtube subscribers set schedule date

Now enter the date and time you want the video to go live.

If people are subscribed to your channel, they’ll get a message when your video goes live.

Make sure to schedule that date into your social media management platform, if you have one.  This will ensure that Tweets, Facebook updates, and LinkedIn posts are sent out simultaneously.

If you have an email list relevant to your video, you might even want to send a message out to those folks.

Consider staggering the messages, so you’re not bombarding people on multiple platforms all at once.

Consider Turning Long Videos into Multiple Short Videos 

If you’re struggling to develop content ideas daily, consider splitting up longer videos into several shorter ones.

In long videos, you likely cover several points about one main topic.

You could edit out certain topics and then create mini videos using those topics. Shorter videos are more convenient for social network sharing.

In fact, Hubspot found that 2 minutes is the optimal video length on YouTube for their audience.

You’ll notice that the channel ‘Inside Quest’ does this a lot. Here’s one of the videos on their channel. Note how it is nearly 49 minutes long:

get more youtube subscribers example

For someone new to the channel, that video length can be pretty intimidating.

So, they have broken down the video into some ‘highlight clips,’ covering interesting points and topics.

youtube subscribers example of short videos

Note how short each of these videos is — just around a minute.

Short videos can be a great way to introduce people to your channel by giving them a taste of your content and building your media marketing campaign.

Create Evergreen YouTube Videos

A great way to consistently generate subscribers is by creating evergreen content.

These are videos that will relevant whether they are viewed today or five years in the future.

This will apply to some niches more than others.

For example, I spoke earlier about the pencil drawing business, which naturally lends itself to producing a lot of evergreen content. A video about Instagram marketing, however, might be out of date in five years.

Take a look at your niche and see if you can create ‘how-to’ videos that will stand the test of time.

Even if you’re not looking to create evergreen content, it’s worth creating ‘how-to’ videos to provide value.

Optimize Your Videos to Increase YouTube Subscribers

Before anyone can become a subscriber to your channel, they need to first click on your videos.

No matter how good your video is, once it is seen in the YouTube search engine or sidebar, it will have some competition in the form of other videos.

So how do you get people to pay attention to and click on your video?

You need to focus on three areas — the headline, the thumbnail, and the description.

These three elements will have the biggest impact on influencing YouTube users to click on your videos. Be sure the meta tag is relevant and includes key points.

This is because they’ll help your rankings in the YouTube search engine. They’ll also improve your videos’ ability to entice users to click on them and share them on social media.

YouTube categories and cards can also drive clicks, so we’ll cover those too.

How to Create a Good Headline for YouTube Videos

If your video is based on a certain keyword, then the video’s title must include this keyword.

When you do this, you increase the chances of someone clicking on your video.

If the video’s title matches what they were searching for, they’ll assume that the video covers everything that they need to know about that topic.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should be ridiculous in how you’re creating your titles.

Keyword stuffing’ can hurt you much more than it can help you.

One way you can get around this problem is by using a colon.

For instance, earlier, we identified the keyword — ‘simple drawing techniques.’

If we had a video on that topic, we could write the headline like this — ‘Simple drawing techniques: 5 tips that will make drawing easier.’

Side note: An interesting experiment might be to split the ‘simple drawing techniques’ title into separate niches. This is a common social media marketing technique for blogs and helps videos too.

For example, ‘simple drawing techniques for cars’ or ‘simple drawing techniques for eyes.’

This is a great example of how you can take a big niche or keyword that is receiving a lot of traffic and identify opportunities within that niche.

As I mentioned, you’ll have to experiment a little when you do things this way. But, there’s no telling what kind of opportunities you might uncover.

get more youtube subscribes title example

As you can see in the example above, the video title uses a colon to separate the text.

You’ll also notice that there are videos where the ‘|’ symbol is being used.

youtube subscribers title example

You’ll have to test which one works better, though it could just be that this symbol serves a similar purpose to what the colon would have done.

When it comes to creating YouTube headlines, you’ll want to follow the rules that already exist for blog posts.

You need to have a mix of something that people are searching for and something that grabs their attention. This is core media marketing that can lead to social network inclusion.

You can do that by using the keyword your video targets in the headline and then including power words in the gaps.

As we’ve discussed, the style of your videos is going to influence the headline. If you have a ‘how-to’ video, then you’ll need to account for that in your headline.

Similar to blog post headlines, numbers also tend to work well in YouTube headlines.

Use Engaging YouTube Thumbnails 

When it comes to the thumbnail, there are a couple of approaches that you could take.

The first is to show a clear image of whatever the video is about. For example, if you’re talking about a laptop, you’d want to include a picture of a laptop.

Like this:

youtube subscribers thumbnail example

Alternatively, you could just show a picture of a person interacting with whatever the video is about.

Like this example:

youtube subscribers thumbnail example

However, one of the increasingly powerful ways of creating video thumbnails is by adding text, like this:

youtube subscribers good thumbnail example with text

Don’t just drop some text and call it good. You can also heavily edit the thumbnail image so that it clearly stands out.

increase youtube subscribers text heavy thumbnail examle

Here’s another one:

get more youtube subscribers thumbnail with text examle

If you want to create thumbnails like this, you need to follow these rules.

youtube subscribers custom thumbnail best practices

How to Create a Custom Thumbnail for YouTube Videos 

You can create a thumbnail using Canva. 

If you want to learn more about using Canva, going through their initial setup process might be helpful.

They have a YouTube thumbnail template, so use that to get started.

youtube subscribers create custom thumbnail

If you have some images of your own, you can upload them and then overlay text onto them.

I’ve just gone with the option of creating a basic thumbnail from scratch. Obviously, you can create something much better than this.

example of custom thumbnail to drive YouTube subscribers example

If you want to upload a custom thumbnail for a video, just go through the normal upload process.

On the page where you can adjust the video information, pick the ‘Custom thumbnail’ option.

youtube subscribers upload custom thumbnail

You’ll then have a custom thumbnail that will be shown around the YouTube platform.

Create Better YouTube Descriptions 

Creating a description for your YouTube videos could become an entire post in itself. We’re going to cover the basics here.

You need to keep in mind that you have a lot of space here, and YouTube tends to use what you say to rank your content. Don’t ignore the meta tag and its importance.

The first couple of lines on your description should be written so that they are easy to read in the search results.

Here’s a great example.

get more youtube subscribers with better descriptions example

In this section, you may want to use some of the keywords you used in your title. That way, you can ensure that it has some coherence. This will also improve the ranking ability of your video.

When people click on your video, they have the option to click on the ‘Show More’ text.

youtube subscribers show more button

This will expand the description. You can use this space to insert a ‘subscribe to channel’ link.

If you want to do that, use the following link format —


Make sure that you enter your channel name after the ‘=.’

So, for Kissmetrics, it would be —


When people click on this link, they’ll be taken to your channel page, where a subscribe box will pop-up.

You can also enter some other information, such as your other social media profiles, important links, and even your content posting schedule in the description.

drive youtube subscribers by adding better descriptions example

You can also describe the things that are being discussed in your video, like this —

youtube subscribers add links to description example

You could even highlight what is discussed at certain time sections in your video like this: 21:48 – How to prevent your website from being penalized by Google.

These timestamps will actually take those who click on them directly to the specified location in the video.

Add Tags to Increase YouTube Views 

It’s also important to add tags. This will help improve the chances of your video appearing in the YouTube search engine.

add youtube tags to increase youtube subscribers

You don’t want to use anything that is misleading here. Have a mix of some really specific tags that describe your video. Then, add a few broad tags that are still related to the genre.

There’s no harm in using some of the suggested tags provided by YouTube, as long as they align with what your video is actually about.

Use YouTube Cards 

YouTube Annotations used to be the best way to engage users by directly adding links and other content to your video.

However, annotations were disruptive and were discontinued and then deleted in 2019.

Today, you have the option of using YouTube cards. You can add up to five cards to your video with a customized image, text, and call to action.

Here’s how you would go about creating a ‘YouTube card’ for your video.

Select the ‘Video’ option inside of the ‘Video Manager.’ Then click on the ‘Edit’ drop-down menu for the video you want to add a card to.

Then select the ‘Cards’ option.

drive youtube subscribers with YouTube cards

You should then see this screen.

increase youtube subscribers with youtube cards

Click on the ‘Add card’ option and then choose the ‘Channel.’

add youtube cards to increase youtube views

Then, enter your channel name and add text.

add youtube cards example to drive youtube subscribers

The teaser text is the text that appears on the little graphic that appears in the video.

Here is how it will look:

how youtube cards look

If you want to adjust when the card displays the ‘teaser text,’ adjust the slider below.

increase youtube subscribers with youtube cards

You’ll notice, however, that the ‘i’ will always be visible in the video.

If people hover their mouse cursor over the ‘i,’ they’ll see the following.

youtube cards on mobile to drive subscribers

This card will also appear at the time that you have chosen above.

Clicking on this will take users straight to your YouTube channel. However, no subscriber box will pop-up.

Engage Your YouTube Audience 

Another way to boost your YouTube subscriber numbers is by engaging with your audience and creating a community.

There are several ways that you can do this.

Respond to YouTube Viewer Comments

Responding to comments is a simple — but effective —  way to engage users. This will show YouTube viewers that you value their opinion. Plus, the fact that you’re going through this effort might encourage them to subscribe.

You could even argue that this counts as customer service work that improves the customer experience.

When you look at it through that lens, you use the fact that 22% of people post positive things on social networks about a company after having previously posting something negative — all because they got a response.

If you’re getting any negative comments on your YouTube videos, address them promptly.

This can increase YouTube subscribers because people see this interaction and appreciate the fact that you engage.

Host a Q&A Session

You can do this using Google Hangouts on Air or YouTube Live. You might even just ask at the end of a video for viewers to post their questions in the comments section.

Then, in the next video, you could spend some time going through the questions you received.

Ask Viewers What They Want 

Another way to engage your audience is by creating videos based on what they want. For example, you could use a survey to ask your audience what they want to see you talk about.

You can then create a video based on a viewer’s suggestions and call them out in the video to say thank you.

Consider Collaborating With Other YouTube Video Creators

When it comes to boosting subscriber numbers, you also have the option of doing collaborations with people in your industry.

Collaborations can massively boost your video marketing efforts.

boost youtube subscribers by collaborating

If you go about things in the right way, you may just end up joining the 18% of companies that regard their video marketing as ‘very successful.’

The best way to go about this is to find channels with a similar audience.

Both of you could then arrange an event where you can both benefit from the interaction.

When you collaborate, you must encourage people to subscribe to your channel.

Also, make sure the videos you publish immediately after the collaboration are amazing, so they want to subscribe.

Host Interviews to Increase YouTube Subscribers

Alternatively, consider doing interviews on your channel. If you can find a way to interview the top people in your niche, you’ll be able to attract their audience to your channel.

When your channel has a decent number of subscribers, you’ll have a greater ability to attract these opportunities.

Of course, you shouldn’t let low subscribers be an impediment that stops you from trying.

Email a few people who might be worth having on your channel and ask them if they’d be willing to be a guest.

If they say no, respectfully ask if they’d be willing to do a show when your channel has more subscribers. See if they can provide you with a ballpark figure that they’d be happy with.

You don’t want to be rude, but there’s nothing wrong with asking for a potential future way to make it happen.

Consider YouTube Ads

I’ve already spoken extensively about using YouTube Ads.

To get the most out of ads, target keywords your videos are created around.

This will ensure that your videos appear at the top of the search results when people enter that keyword.

use Youtube ads to increase YouTube subscribers

If you are just getting started, you might want to get a feel for the platform first. But, if you’ve got a solid YouTube monetization plan, ads can be an effective way to drive subscribers and YouTube views.


Ignoring the potential on YouTube is a huge mistake. 

One of the keys to consistent success on YouTube is increasing your subscriber count — but don’t fall victim to those buy YouTube subscribers scams.

Instead, work to create exceptional content that will keep your audience coming back for more.

Then, make people want to click on your content using brilliant thumbnails and killer headlines that draw them in.

When people finally click on your video, then you can ask for a subscription.

Once you’ve got those fundamentals down, you’re free to experiment with things like collaborations and YouTube Ads.

If you put enough effort in, you’ll see those subscriber numbers start climbing — which can lead to website clicks and more.

All you need to do is get started!

What have you found to be useful when it comes to boosting subscriber numbers on YouTube?

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